HA:TFELT Shares The Heartwarming Reason She Changed Her Stage Name After Wonder Girls Disbanded

Her loyalty to the group will have you all warm and fuzzy!

HA:TFELT recently shared the reason behind why she decided to change her stage name after Wonder Girls disbanded!

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HA:TFELT recently sat down for a “Hotpoint Interview”, where she spoke her mind about tons of things!

One of the topics that came up was her solo career post-Wonder Girls, and the reason for why she changed her stage name from Yeeun to HA:TFELT!

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She first talked about the differences between “Yeeun” and HA:TFELT, pointing out the persona and vibe for her two different, yet same selves!

First of all, the difference is that Yeeun is rounder. She’s more accepting and understanding. As HA:TFELT, I’m more depressed and dark. I think I try to express my complex self.


HA:TFELT then spoke about how, while preparing for her solo album, people around her immediately began pointing out how different her music was from the music from her Wonder Girls days. She then revealed that after hearing that, she decided to change her name entirely as to not negatively affect the image of Wonder Girls!

While preparing for my solo album, I was told that the music I’m doing is really different from what I did as “Yeeun of Wonder Girls”, and that the public might have some trouble accepting it. So I thought, then I will just change my name.

I didn’t want to have a negative effect on Wonder Girls by doing what I do as Yeeun. I wanted to start fresh as a new artist.


She then shared what the persona of “HA:TFELT” is to her!

To me, HA:TFELT is myself, but also like my child. It’s the world I created? Something like that.


After the disbandment of Wonder Girls in 2017, Yeeun joined Amoeba Culture, where she debuted as a solo artist under the name HA:TFELT, and is killing it!

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You can watch her talk about it here!