HA:TFELT Reveals That People Often Looked Down On Her As A Mere “Product” While Promoting As An Idol

“My worth and existence just meant my commercial value.”

HA:TFELT (former Wonder Girls member Yeeun) revealed the one thing she hated hearing while active as an idol.

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HA:TFELT recently sat down for a “Hotpoint Interview”, where she talked about her personal and professional life!

When asked her thoughts about her days as a Wonder Girls member, HA:TFELT had nothing but love for the group, and talked about how it was an incredible, unforgettable experience for her!

Wonder Girls is my twenties. It’s an unforgettable time for me because everybody ranging from a young age to old age remembers Wonder Girls. I’m really thankful.


HA:TFELT then opened up about the harsh words she heard about her career as an idol, and people looked down on her as simply a “product”, disregarding her hard work.

As an idol, it hurt me the most when someone said, “You’re a product.” I would hear that one way or another. Now that I think about it, that could be it, soundwise. But it was really hurtful to hear at such a young age.

My worth and existence just meant my commercial value. That commercial value was me.


HA:TFELT further revealed that this particular idea of herself confused her, and made it difficult to love herself.

I couldn’t distinguish between the two, and that made it hard for me to love myself. I would only look at what I was bad at, and would get disappointed. I think that kept tying me down.


But now, HA:TFELT is a successful singer-songwriter in her own right, with an iconic legacy as a member of the Wonder Girls!

| Amoeba Culture

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