Having These Mobile Apps On Your Smartphone Might Get You Killed In North Korea

It is one thing for North Korea to ban specific products. This time, however, it has banned the use of mobile applications for instant messaging. 

In a report by the Daily NK published on June 7th, North Korean users of foreign instant message applications such as Kakao Talk, Line and WeChat will be arrest for suspicion of espionage. The new rule was a response to the increase of cellphones originating from China as the device facilitates the exchange of information outside the country.

Those who will be found using the mobile applications are dubbed as traitors and will be charged with espionage for “associating with the enemy” and may be sent to a political prison camp as punishment.

Kakao Talk and Line are services that originated in South Korea, while WeChat, who also recently became a target of these surveillances, originated from China.

Source: The Daily NK

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