HB Entertainment Announces Legal Actions Against Actress Goo Hye Sun

They cannot ignore the matter anymore.

Recently HB Entertainment announced that they would take legal action against actress Goo Hye Sun. They revealed that they suffered serious financial and mental damage due to disputes related to her exclusive contract. Below is the official statement.

Hello, this is HB Entertainment. HB Entertainment is seriously suffering property damage and mental damage to its employees and artists due to continuous legal response due to Goo Hye Sun’s exclusive contract-related disputes and lawsuits based on repeated false claims over the years.

Goo Hye Sun is distorting the court’s judgment and posing as a victim with false facts, revealing her position that the judicial authorities’ strict judgments regarding disputes initiated by her were wrong. However, the judgment of the Korea Commercial Arbitration Board and the court stated that there is no unpaid amount from HB Entertainment to Goo Hye Sun.

Although the case has nothing to do with the non-payment of performance fees or the tyranny of power, Goo Hye Sun has been damaging HB Entertainment’s reputation and credibility with various false facts. Since she was an actress with us for a while, we refrained from media reports and responded only legally to her unfair climax for several years. We can no longer ignore the matter, so we will proceed with legal proceedings against all false announcements and reports made by Goo Hye Sun. We also ask reporters to publish only facts that have been clearly confirmed. Thank you.

Source: newsen