Several Cast Members Of “Heart Signal” Season 2 And 3 Are Returning To The Spotlight In A New Reality Show

Who else is excited?

The creators of the hit reality dating show Heart Signal is launching a new reality show titled Friends.

Fans of Heart Signal are especially excited for this new show as it will feature many of the previous cast members of Heart Signal‘s seasons 2 and 3.

From season 2, stars Kim Do KyunJung Jae Ho, Oh Young Joo, and Kim Jang Mi have been announced as part of the cast.

Also returning to the screen, stars from Heart Signal‘s season 3 are Seo Min JaeJung Eui DongLee Ga Heun, and Park Ji Hyun. 

The upcoming show Friends focuses on romance, daily life, and of course friendship.

Channel A‘s Friends is set to premiere in February. Are you excited to see some of the Heart Signal Cast again?