The Heartwarming Story Behind “Squid Game” Actor Oh Yeong Su’s Dancing Shoes

In Korea, they believe that good shoes take you to good places.

Earlier, we reported on Netflix‘s Squid Game actor Oh Yeong Su‘s incredible dancing skills that have made him an overnight Tik Tok star.

The actor was seen making short work of the dance floor during Netflix’s Emmy Awards afterparty. The night was made more special thanks to Squid Game taking home four Emmy Awards.

The secret behind Oh Yeong Su’s dance moves has since been revealed, warming the hearts of netizens.

According to reports, the secret to the actor’s dancing prowess is his shoes. Oh Yeong Su was seen dancing in new shoes that was gifted to him by his colleague of over 50 years, fellow actress Park Jung Ja.

Oh Yeong Su (left) and Park Jung Ja (right) | Park Company

Park Jung is an actress who debuted in 1962. Performing mostly in live acting stages, she has featured in hit movies such as Herstory (2018) and Man On The Edge (2013). It was revealed in reports that the two first made acquaintances at a theatre some 50 years ago.

According to news reports, Park Jung Ja had given him the shoes before he traveled to the United States to attend the award show. It is said that along with his shoes, the actress gave him words of encouragement.

Go bravely, and receive good energy.

— Park Jung Ja

Actor Oh Yeong Su is said to have replied with grace and humor.

I will return after courageously letting my white hair flow on the red carpet.

— Oh Yeong Su

And just as he promised, Oh Yeong Su, 77 years young, looked dapper on the red carpet, and although his white hair may not have flocked as it once did, the actor made up for it with his dancing shoes.

Oh Yeong Su | Eonline

Oh Yeong Su is a South Korean actor who made his theatre debut in 1967. Since then, he has appeared in over 200 projects. The actor was lauded internationally for his portrayal of contestant No.1 in Netflix’s Squid Game, for which he received an Emmy nominee and won a Golden Globe Award for best-supporting actor.

Source: Wikitree

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