Heartwarming Video Captures The Moment Children’s Hospital Staff Burst Into Dance For BTS ARMY Awaiting A Heart Transplant

This video will definitely make you smile!

K-Pop fandoms are more than just groups of people who like the same music. They are communities that truly support and care for each other, as the BTS ARMY’s support for an ARMY who received a heart transplant demonstrates.

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Children’s Hospital LA recently tweeted about one of their patients, Genesis, who was waiting to have heart transplant surgery. After her care team learned that Genesis is a BTS fan, they started dancing to “Dynamite.”

In the video Children’s Hospital LA shared on Twitter, the care team clapped and danced along to “Dynamite” as Genesis watched.

| @ChildrensLA/Twitter

After the hospital tweeted the video, ARMYs replied to the tweet to send words of encouragement to Genesis.

ARMY also thanked the staff for taking such good care of their fellow BTS fan.