Heechul Reveals He’s Basically Been In Love With Kim Sohee For 10 Years… Right In Front Of Her

SoHeechul shippers unite!

On the episode of Knowing Brothers with guests Boom and former Wonder Girls’ Sohee, Super Junior‘s Heechul was put in the hot seat as he confessed his long-term crush on Sohee.


Heechul said, “This entertainment industry is a rough business, but your presence is like an oasis.” And Sohee brought laughter to the studio when she called Heechul out for thinking the same about many female guests.

“From watching Knowing Brothers you’re always saying you like a lot of women – from TWICE‘s Momo, Ha Yeon Soo, Goo Hara… Let’s settle this today. Who do you really like?” — Sohee


Sohee and the other brothers made Heechul play the ideal type world cup, which ultimately resulted in Sohee and Momo competing in the final round.


With a little bit of imaginative role play initiated by Boom, an embarrassed Heechul ultimately chose Sohee as the winner.  Heechul was so embarrassed!

“I can’t even look Sohee in the eyes right now.” — Heechul


After the show, Heechul and Sohee celebrated the win by posting a picture on Heechul’s Instagram page.

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Here’s to the lovely couple!


Source: Nate News and Sports Chosun