Heechul gets shy and awkward when meeting TWICE’s Momo in person

Super Junior’s Heechul is one of the veteran idol group members that has made his mark in the entertainment industry. Yet, he turns into a shy fanboy when he meets this certain girl group member. 

Heechul got the surprise of his life when TWICE members Momo and Nayeon appeared as guests on Flower Crew. Known for his bold and humorous statements, Heechul once confessed, “Famous Kim Heechul is a big fan of Momo.” It appears that the production crew invited the popular singers after his public requests.

However, as Heechul realized that Momo was joining their program, he turned into a shy fanboy. He smiled shyly and tried to hide his face as Momo walked closer. The sudden change in his mood was also noticed by his fellow cast members as they wondered about his gestures.

Meanwhile, this is not the first time that Heechul admitted his liking for the young singer. He first met Momo at the set of Weekly Idol.

Source: Dispatch