Heechul mentions Kibum and Hangeng in Super Junior 9th anniversary post

In celebration of Super Junior’s 9th anniversary, Heechul shared a photo of all 13 members of Super Junior, past and present, via his Instagram, along with a sweet caption expressing his gratitude and excitement about the milestone. 

On November 5th, Heechul uploaded a collage of 13 members of Super Junior on his Instagram, including former member Hangeng and inactive member Kibum. He captioned the post with a playful yet emotional message, showing his excitement about Super Junior’s anniversary and poking fun at fellow member Yesung for uploading a photo without him:

“It’s not even the 90th anniversary, but all this fuss for the 9th anniversary.. hoot~ (I can’t hide my happiness and as I’m bangbang jumping on my bed I’m worrying ‘what should I write so that I will appear cool’) P.S. In the group chatroom I said ‘Yah Yesung XXX you uploaded a photo without me in it againㅡㅡ’ and Yesungie replied ‘Hyung I’m sorryㅠㅠ I love youㅠㅠ.’ The reason why I wanted to clarify this, is because I was worried that the ‘Kim Heechul is being bullied rumor’ that was controversial would appear on the internet. #SuperJunior #ELF #KimHeechulisbeingbulliedrumor”

Other members of Super Junior have also taken to their SNS accounts to celebrate this momentous occasion, expressing their heartfelt thanks to their members and fans for staying with them for their journey so far.