This is why Heechul broke up with his girlfriend while watching “Lion King”

On February 11th’s broadcast of Knowing Brothers, Heechul revealed a story about why he broke up with one of his past girlfriends.

Heechul prefaced his story by saying this occurred when he was 20 years old, saying “I watched the movie “Lion King” with my then-girlfriend in a DVD room.” A DVD room is similar to a karaoke room, but instead of singing, there are couches and a large selection of movies, some of which may be explicit.

As the movie “Lion King” began playing, Heechul was extremely surprised by what his girlfriend did.

“She would continuously keep touching me. So I told her that we should stop meeting each other. I didn’t even get to have my first kiss. I was naive back then. That was the first time in my life I went to a DVD room. I was immersed in the story of Lion King but she kept touching my side. I was angry and wanted to break up with her.”

– Heechul

Leeteuk added, “He was scared because he thought she was trying to hurt him at that time.”

Watch the clip below!

Source: Dispatch