Heechul’s Reaction To Fan Gift Is Exactly What You Expect

Kim Heechul updated his Instagram with a photo of himself posing next to a gift his fans had created to celebrate his 12th year in the entertainment industry.

On March 6, Kim Heechul posed next to a billboard that his fans had designed and displayed. The sign included a photo of himself with the message, “Thank you for being with us for 12 years. We love you Kim Heechul.”

Heechul posed looking up at the sign in astonishment and left a heartfelt thank-you message for his fans for being with him every step of the way, and added some hilarious hashtags as well.

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“I’m thankful for all my babies who stuck with me for 12 years as well. Even though there are younger and fresher idols, you all continued to shout “Heenim’s the best!!”, and for that, I gain strength and think, ‘I can’t avoid the passing of time, but I can’t disappoint my fans by just letting go!’ Of course, I doubt there’s anyone who’s as cool and beautiful and crazy as me, all at the same time kekeke Let’s continue enduring!! I compliment my babies very~ much #20050306 #kimheechul #heenim #worldstar #whenIgetmarriedmybabieswillbethethirdtoknow #number1isfamily #number2ismembers #number3ismybabies #mybabiesshouldgoandgetmarriedsoon #thatwayIwon’tfeelasguiltywhenIgetmarried #butmymomsaysshedoesn’tthinkI’llgetmarried #Ilooklikemynieceinthatphoto #Pleaseuseaprettyphotoforthenextonetoo #ricewreathsarethetrendbutyoudon’thavetodothat #I’lldoitmyself #buysomethingyummyforyourselves #thankyou #iloveyou #iloveyoukimheechulmilkyskinkimheechul”

–Kim Heechul of Super Junior

Super Junior debuted on March 5, 2005, making this year the twelfth year since their debut. Congratulations to Super Junior for their long-lived success!

Source: Dispatch