The Legendary “The Heirs” Actress Is Unrecognizable In Her Latest Instagram Update

The 56-year-old actress still has it ten years after the show’s premiere!

Legendary K-Drama The Heirs officially celebrates its 10-year anniversary in 2023.

“The Heirs” poster with the leading cast | SBS

For ten years, the show has continued to gain love from fans.

It follows a group of wealthy, privileged high school students, played by the likes of Lee Min Ho and Kim Woo Bin, who are about to take over their family’s businesses. It also shows the contrast in wealth as Park Shin Hye plays a girl attending the same private school on a scholarship.



Aside from the star-studded lead cast, the supporting characters really made The Heirs the show everyone had to watch. In the show, like many K-Dramas with this concept, the mothers are always a huge part of the students’ lives.

Kim Tan’s family is no exception, and his mother Han Ki-Ae is no exception. During the show, she wants to know what her son is doing but unlike many K-Drama mothers, she genuinely cares for her son.

Kim Tan’s mother | SBS

She even shocks fans with her character development after becoming friends with Eun Sang’s (Park Shin Hye) mother, who helps maintain their house.

The actress behind the iconic character is none other than legendary actress Kim Sung Ryung. The now 56-year-old actress has always boasted legendary visuals, and even now, her beauty is unmatched!

Kim Sung Ryung | @sungryoung_kim/Instagram
| @soungryung_kim/Instagram

Yet, as beautiful as she is, the actress shocked everyone with her unreal transformation in her recent Instagram posts.

While Kim Sung Ryung is best known for her more glamorous roles and image, she had a drastic transformation in her recent activity. On Instagram, the actress posted a photo of herself with a pixie cut, more casual clothes, lighter makeup, and, shockingly, an eyebrow piercing.

The transformation | @soungryung_kim/Instagram

It unsurprisingly seems like Kim Sung Ryung hasn’t completely changed her style, and it could be down to her filming schedules, as the actress is set to star alongside Song Joong Ki in the show My Name Is Loh Kiwan.

In the show, the actress is set to play Song Joong Ki’s mother. They are both from North Korea, and she helps her son escape to Belgium.

Actor Song Joong Ki is set to star alongside the actress | @hi_songjoongki/Instagram

Even ten years after The Heirs debuted, it’s still one of the most iconic K-Dramas for most people. Kim Sung Ryung might be in her 50s, but it seems like she hasn’t aged a day and is still proving to be a top star in the industry.

Source: Insight and @sungryoung_kim
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