Heize & Dua Lipa Wrote A Song Together For TWICE’s New Album, “Eyes Wide Open”

SOTY is coming!

JYP Entertainment just dropped the tracklist for TWICE‘s new album, Eyes Wide Open, and the credits on one track have fans buzzing with excitement. Why? Korean star Heize and international star Dua Lipa wrote the song together!

Eyes Wide Open will have 13 songs, including the title track “I Can’t Stop Me”. Some of the biggest names in K-Pop production feature in the credits, including Melanie Joy Fontana and Michel “Lindgren” Schulz (who wrote for BLACKPINK, BTS, and TXT) as well as JYP Entertainment CEO J. Y. Park himself.

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According to BLACKPINK’s “Love to Hate Me” producer Tushar Apte, who’s friends with one of the “I Can’t Stop Me” producers, the title track will be an 80s-inspired pop smash that everyone is sure to love.

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I’ve heard it, and I’m here to tell you—exclusive—it’s so, so, so, so good. You’re going to love it.

— Tushar Apte

But the track that really has fans excited right now is actually the last on the album: “Behind the Mask”. Among the credited artists are none other than Heize and Dua Lipa.

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For those who don’t know, Heize is a renowned South Korean singer-songwriter and rapper known for her R&B and hip-hop hits. Her 2019 song “We Don’t Talk Together” was produced by BTS’s Suga and peaked at #2 on the Gaon singles chart.

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Dua Lipa, meanwhile, is one of the biggest names in international pop music today. Her second studio album, Future Nostalgia, became a critical and commercial success upon release earlier this year. Given that the album was entirely retro-themed, her presence on “Behind the Mask” could indicate that TWICE’s Eyes Wide Open is going down the same path.

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Heize wrote the lyrics for “Behind the Mask”, while Dua Lipa is credited as a composer. Seeing not one but two amazing artists on a single TWICE track has ONCEs desperate for Eyes Wide Open to drop.

Of course, this isn’t Dua Lipa’s first time working with a K-Pop act. The British-Albanian singer collaborated with BLACKPINK for “Kiss and Make Up” back in 2018.

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And earlier this year, MAMAMOO‘s Hwasa featured on a remix of Dua Lipa’s “Physical” from Future Nostalgia.

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Dua Lipa is known for making waves in K-Pop, so there’s no doubt she’ll be doing the same with “Behind the Mask”.

Most of the TWICE members are also credited on Eyes Wide Open. Jihyo wrote the lyrics for track 3, “Up No More”.

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Sana wrote the lyrics for track 4, “Do What We Like”.

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Dahyun wrote the lyrics for track 5, “Bring it Back”, and track 7, “Queen”.

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Chaeyoung wrote the lyrics for track 10, “Handle It”.

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And last but not least, Nayeon wrote the lyrics for track 11, “Depend on You”.

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Can’t wait to hear “Behind the Mask” and the rest of Eyes Wide Open? Look out for updates ahead of the album’s October 26 release date.