Heize And Ha Sungwoon Reportedly Collaborated On A Brand New Track Set To Release Soon

A new legendary collab is on its way!

Heize and Ha Sungwoon have partnered up to prepare a collaboration of the year! The vocal queen and king have reportedly finished recording their collaboration and are preparing to release it in the near future. The details of the track’s genre or release date has yet to be announced.

The collaboration blossomed from Ha Sungwoon’s Late Night Idol (literal translation), where Heize promised to collaborate with Ha Sungwoon. Fans didn’t expect their promise to be fulfilled so soon but it appears singer-songwriter Heize already had a track in mind for Sungwoon!


Heize already dons the nickname of “Collab Queen” as she’s collaborated with top artists such as BTS‘s Suga, Simon D, Crush, DEAN and more! With each collaboration, she’s swept the charts so fans are highly anticipating her next collab with Ha Sungwoon.


Ha Sungwoon has also made a name for himself as a popular vocalist since he competed in PRODUCE 101 Season 2 and eventually debuted with Wanna One. He’s now made a name for himself as a soloist!


Keep an eye out for more following details on Heize and Ha Sungwoon’s upcoming collab!

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