Heize Publicly Calls Out A Fake Friend For Spreading Lies

Rapper Heize recently took to Instagram to clear her mind over a situation that no one ever wants to be in.

One of Heize’s friends had been spreading false rumors about her behind her back. She explained that a person she considered family began spreading these rumors about her and still continues to do so.

“Recently when I met up with my acquaintences, I’ve learned that there are falsities spreading about both me and my colleagues. There are also false rumors about things that never have happened. Please think hard about why other people are telling me the stories you told them and are also telling me to be careful of you.

The more I hear about it, the more I think it’s a crime. It’s getting to the point where I’m glad the people who tell me about it don’t treat me like I have mental issues. At first, I was so sad that someone I considered family would say these things. Then I got angry, but now I just feel wronged.

I think it’s right for me to clear myself of the false accusations. I am writing this so that both the people I consider precious and myself will no longer be hurt.”

— Heize

Heize then left a warning for the friend who has been spreading the false rumors.

“If you continue lying, I’ll have no choice but to all gather everyone in one place to deal with your gossip. There’s a limit to how much one person can lie. If you have to create imaginary people just to make your lies seem like reality, I think you might just have an illness.

If you used your words for your own development and not to go through the troubles of writing a new scenario for me everyday, you wouldn’t be living in the unfortunate position of a habitual liar.”

— Heize