Heize Sheds Tears As She Talks About Her Ex-Boyfriend

She revealed their history together.

Heize guest starred on Kim Young Cheol’s Power FM radio show where she opened up about her ex-boyfriend.


She revealed that her ex-boyfriend used to help her financially and gift her with many presents when she wasn’t well known.

One of her motivations to succeed was so that she can pay him back and become a source of help for him too.

To be honest, I received a lot of gifts from my ex-boyfriend and received a lot of financial help. That’s why I wanted to succeed so that I can buy him lots of gifts and be able to help him as well.

— Heize


However, she explained that they’ve since broken up. She began to cry as she confessed that she still has many of his gifts at home that remind her of him. But she believes he doesn’t have anything to remember her.

But I don’t have a boyfriend anymore.

When I go home, I see many of the gifts that he bought me and other traces of him but he probably doesn’t have anything of mine.

— Heize


When Kim Young Cheol asked if he contacted her now that she’s become a successful musician, she revealed that they haven’t been in contact. She hopes it’s because she had changed her number since they broke up.

He didn’t contact me at all. My phone number had changed, and I hope it’s because of that.

— Heize


Although she may not be in touch with her ex-boyfriend anymore, he’ll surely know just how thankful she is for everything he’s done through her recent interview!

Source: Seoul EN