Help The Impoverished Elderly In South Korea Survive COVID-19

“Either we die from the virus or the hunger”.

The spread of COVID-19 in South Korea has adversely affected countless lives. One sector of society that has been particularly hit hardest is the elderly population. For over a decade, South Korea’s elderly poverty rate has been the highest in OECD.

Like other public facilities, welfare centers and soup kitchens were also forced to shut down, leaving the impoverished elderly with no place to turn to for a free and nutritious meal. No one knows for sure when they will reopen.

If we can’t get food here, we’ll starve. We know that the coronavirus is dangerous, but either we die from the virus or the hunger.

– Korean Senior Citizen

In order to provide senior citizens with much-needed meals, Asian Boss has partnered with the Korean Legacy Committee (KLC) to raise funds to build a sustainable meal program.

KLC provides free lunch boxes every Sunday in Tapgol Park, which is where many senior citizens in Seoul gather. Using the donations that they recieve, KLC buys discounted, organic meals from a restaurant called Sonyeo Bangatgan.

KLC was able to provide 300 meals in the first week and 350 meals in the second week. As word spreads, however, they expect more senior citizens to line up for a meal.

In order to continue the program, they need your help.

All donations will go directly towards funding the KLC meal program. Through your donation, we aim to achieve three objectives. One, we hope to increase the number of meals we can provide in a week. Two, we hope to increase the number of days we hold our meal programs. Three, we hope to increase the number of locations for our meal programs.


Considering how soup kitchens are expected to remain closed until the end of COVID-19, senior citizens in South Korea are relying on your donations to survive.

Visit this link or KLC’s website if you wish to make a donation. Any amount will be greatly appreciated.

Source: KLC