Henry’s Childhood Friend Reveals The Most Shocking Parts About Korea

He visited Korea for the first time and this is what he felt.

Henry invited his childhood friend, Mario, to visit Korea for the first time on I Live Alone. There, Henry couldn’t help but ask which parts of Korea shocked him the most.


Mario first explained that he was surprised by the surrounding nature of Korea, when compared to his hometown, Canada.

“When I flew into Korea like with the island and the water. It has a certain feel. It’s really cool. Everything felt different.”

— Mario


He also revealed that he didn’t expect the towels to be so small! Korean people are used to using small towels for everything but Canadians – much like the States – are used to using large bath towels, often using it to cover oneself after a shower.


Although not much of a culture shock, but Mario noted that Korean people were all so friendly. He was amazed by the manner of bowing, a common greeting used in Korea.

“Everyone’s so nice. Everyone is really nice. And the bowing. Wow man, it’s so nice. Really, really friendly.”

— Mario


He also couldn’t forget to mention the food or the unique architecture of the modern buildings in Seoul!

DDP in Seoul, a shopping mall and exhibition hall.


But he was most surprised by how Korea still maintained many of the old architecture that are hundreds of years old!

“Food’s good. Architecture is really cool. When we’re going on the bridges, and all the buildings. Actually some of the buildings look old, which is surprising to me.

It’s a nice city.”

— Mario


Mario ended his spiel by revealing what was the most weirdest part about Korea… Henry’s car! He was shocked by how Henry kept trash on the floor of his car, even finding month old food and even a dried tomato from God knows when!

“How dirty your car is… That was culture shock.

You can put that in a museum!”

— Mario

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