Henry consoles Yewon after she bursts into tears on “We Got Married”

In the latest episode of MBC‘s We Got Married, Super Junior-M‘s Henry comforted his virtual wife Yewon after she burst into tears.

On the April 25th episode of We Got Married 4, Henry and Yewon met up for the first time in awhile.

During their time apart, Henry made it clear to viewers that he was well-aware of Yewon’s controversy regarding actress Lee Tae Im. Arriving at her home, the couple could not make eye contact due to the awkwardness.

He asked her if she was okay and how she was holding up, breaking the ice, and giving her presents he had acquired for her while overseas. These actions made her burst into tears.

He said, “People make mistakes. You just have to do better in the future. Don’t worry.” To make her feel better, he joked, “You created a catchphrase. 2015’s best catchphrase.”

Source: OSEN (1 and 2)