Henry cries while playing the violin on live broadcast

Super Junior-M’s Henry broke into tears on live broadcast after attempting to play a very difficult song with his violin.

On tvN’s Always Cantare 2, Super Junior-M’s Henry attempted to play a very difficult song with the violin. Henry, having a hard time tackling the song became visibly upset and finally teared up in frustration.

He explained, “When I was young I had a traumatizing experience.” He explained that when he was young he lived at his violin teacher’s home for a few months and the teacher would watch and make him practice and criticize him. He revealed, “I don’t resent the experience because I knew it was for my benefit but today reminded me of my younger days.

He also talked about the fact that people call him a genius saying, “people have been calling me a genius recently but I am not a genius. I just worked very very hard when I was young. I don’t think ‘geniuses’ as people think exists.




Source: Xports News