Henry and A Pink interviewed at Samsung charity concert in Taiwan

On October 12th, Henry and A Pink took time out of their busy schedules and traveled to Taiwan for a charity concert for underprivileged children and families, where they spoke to reporters in a behind-the-scenes interview!

In the interview, Henry first tells the audience that he is preparing for a sexy and handsome new performance for charity. However, he gets serious when asked about the concert. He says that, prior to the charity event in Taiwan, he took part in charity work in the Philippines for children who have lost everything from a tornado that had hit the area. He also mentions that meeting the children was a saddening experience and his heart felt heavy when he saw how many young kids didn’t even have shoes to wear.

He then reflects on his own actions saying that while these children don’t even have clothes to wear, he would throw out all his old clothes. Henry tells reporters that he will never do something like that again and will instead donate his clothing to the children in need. He also encourages everyone to do the same.

Later on, the reporters go to have a word with A Pink on their feelings about the charity event. The girls say that they grew up with younger brothers and sisters and can relate emotionally. They also indicate that they are good at interacting with children as some of their siblings are 8 – 9 years younger than them.

Check out the interview below!


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