Henry Opened Up A New Restaurant In Gangnam, Here’s What It Looks Like

Henry’s opened up a brand new Taiwanese-Chinese restaurant in Seoul and the photos look absolutely delicious!

Henry has opened a new restaurant in Gangnam and it all looks delicious!


The restaurant is called Xiao Zhan and specializes in Taiwanese and Chinese cuisines.


It is still in its “soft open” stage so it’s still developing its menu, but initial reviews give it five stars!


The food looks so fresh…

Lu Rou Fan


With beautiful, clean-cut platting…

Shui Jian Bao and Mapu Tofu


And utterly mouthwatering visuals!

Tan Tan Mien


The price tag isn’t too bad either, with most entrees and dishes ranging from 4,000 KRW (~$3.50) to 7,000 KRW (~$6.50)!


Henry comes from a Taiwanese/Chinese background but grew up in Canada. He moved to Korea when he was 18 years old and debuted with Super Junior M in 2008.


A love of music isn’t the only thing Henry stands for, he’s also a hard advocate of Taiwanese and Chinese food!


He’s shown his mastery in the wok-profession multiple times!


Continuously show just how skilled he was at making the perfect dish.


Now he’s able to express his love through a successful restaurant in Seoul!


Source: INSTIZ