Henry Set Up Personal Worskhop In China, Plans On Creating 1-Person Agency In Korea

Henry has set up his own spaces.

After leaving SM Entertainment in April, Henry has continued to be busy with individual promotions in China, and also opened up a restaurant in Korea.

(★BREAKING) Henry Is Officially Leaving SM Entertainment


In an official Weibo post, Henry’s new studio announced they will continue to do their best for him.

“Hello everyone. This is Liu Xianhua workshop. We will officially begin operation today. It’s nice to greet everyone, and we thank the fans for their support and concerns for Henry this whole time. Our workshop will open a new future with Henry, and continue to move forward, without forgetting our roots.”


Henry is also expected to set up his own 1-person agency dedicated to his Korean promotions, in order to maintain his position as both a talented artist and entertainer within Korea.


Recently, Henry has been seen promoting at the Shanghai International Film Festival as an actor.

Source: Xportnews