Henry Reveals How He Feels About His Music

“I rarely play my songs in front of the people around me. I feel embarrassed”

To promote his newly released album Journey, Henry, also known as Henry Lau, made an appearance on I Live Alone. 

During a moment of the show, Henry showcases one of the songs, Radio, from his newest album. He explains that this song is quite special to him because it represents his life: “Life isn’t easy.” Every song is personal to Henry as he wrote and produced all of them.

Henry reveals he was nervous showing off his song to others and that he rarely does it. He also discusses being an idol for so long and not releasing an album for 6 years.

I rarely play my songs in front of the people around me. I feel embarrassed. But I’m releasing a new album after six years. Also, you can say that I’m sort of a leader now. I feel a heavy sense of responsibility as a leader.

— Henry

He goes on to share that he also feels pressure for this album to be good as he made it not just for himself, but everyone.

It’s not just for myself, it’s also for my fans who waited so long and the staff members who’ve been helping me. I really want to make this one a success.

— Henry

The song was highly praised by the cast of I Live Alone and many of them called Henry a “genius.” Henry’s new album Journey was released on November 18, 2020, and has been well received by fans. His most popular songs from the album are Radio (the one played on the show) and Just Be Me. These two songs are two of his most personal songs on the album.

Check out Henry’s Radio and Just Be Me music video below.


Just Be Me: