Henry and Yewon share intimate bathroom moment and kiss on “We Got Married”

On the latest episode of We Got Married, virtual couple Henry and Yewon shared an adorable moment that had fans sighing.

On the May 2nd episode of the popular MBC show, the couple were seen in their pajamas as they prepared for bed in their newlywed home with Yewon showing off her bare face to Henry for the first time.

Yewon said, “I used to feel confident with my bare face,” to which Henry replied, “You’ll look pretty without makeup.”

The two then went to the bathroom to wash up for bed, and Henry can be seen giving her a backhug, encouraging her to clean her face from makeup, which she did. Henry then helped her put cleansing cream on her face for her, no doubt making female viewers wish they had a loving partner such as he.

Following that scene, Henry said, “I wanted us to brush our teeth together. It felt good getting closer. I wanted it to go on forever.”

Source: Newsen