Here’s The Actual Inspiration Behind TWICE Nayeon’s Viral Cherry Look On Inkigayo

“She’s so cute.”

TWICE‘s Nayeon has already given fans so many memorable looks from her “Pop” promotions.

There was this Belle-inspired ensemble in her performance video.

Nayeon | TWICE/YouTube

Then there was this super flirty outfit with hot pink accessories giving off punk-rock vibes.

And who can forget the duality of her red and white outfits, proving she can either play angel…

| Theqoo

Or devil’s advocate!

| Theqoo

Although fans have enjoyed all the looks served out during her promotions, her latest “Cherry” look on this past week’s SBS‘s Inkigayo might take the cake.

Nayeon’s charms were on full display in a dress and bonnet decorated with cherries.

Netizens had an explosive response to the idol’s performance. Many felt the cherry outfit best described the idol’s refreshing charm, while others were sad that this performance would be the last time she performed on a music show for her “Pop” promotions.

  • “She’s so cute it is driving me crazy lol.”
  • “She’s so cute.”
  • “Seriously, she’s so cute and refreshing.”
  • “She’s so refreshing. She isn’t human ㅠㅠ. She’s a fairy, a fairy, I tell you!”
  • “It’s her last performance already? No ㅠㅠ.”
  • “Her ponytail looks like a tail of a poodle when dressed LOL.”
  • “Why is this the last performance? Why?”

The idol was positively bursting with cuteness, but some viewers may have missed the inspiration behind her outfit, which she hints at during her ending, when she sneezes before mouthing, “Beware of the cold.”

Why would she tell viewers to beware of the cold during one of Korea’s hottest Summers of late?

That’s because the idol’s outfit is inspired by one of Korea’s most popular cold medicines Panpyrin!

Panpyrin | Dong-A Pharma

Beware of the cold~

— Panpyrin

The medicine is famous for its mascot in a pink dotted bonnet saying the catchline, you guessed it, “Beware of the cold.”

When living in Korea, it is hard to miss their commercials.

  • “What’s that medicine commercial that goes, ‘Beware of the cold?'”
  • “It’s Panpyrin!”

The medicine has featured some of Korea’s biggest stars in its commercials, including Hyeri and actress Park Bo Young.

What do you think of Nayeon’s rendition? Netizens are saying she nailed it!

Nayeon’s Panpyrin ending is so cute! Achoo, beware of the cold~~.

— @twnycute922/twitter

Seeing how her latest performance has gone viral, we wouldn’t be surprised if Nayeon had another endorsement deal coming her way!

TWICE’s Nayeon made her solo debut on June 24 with the release of her EP titled Im Nayeon. The idol is beloved for her cheerful, cute charms. If you haven’t watched the idol’s latest performance of her single “Pop”, make sure you click on the link below!

Source: Theqoo and Theqoo