Here’s Why aespa’s Giselle Has Fans In Awe With First Teaser Of Her Rap Skills

She’s a natural!

In their latest taste of aespa’s pre-debut skills, SM Entertainment released Giselle‘s individual teaser today. Throughout the clip, Giselle can be seen and heard showing off her rap talent—and fans are incredibly impressed for a multitude of reasons.

For one, Giselle trained for just 10 months before she was introduced as a member of aespa. In fact, she has the shortest training period out of all female SM Entertainment idols in history. After attending an independent idol training academy for two months, she was accepted to the agency after a successful audition in December last year.

| aespa/YouTube

On top of that, it appears that Giselle only began rapping when she joined SM Entertainment. Beforehand, she was an alto in her school’s choir for four years, focusing on honing her vocals. Transitioning from singing to rap isn’t easy, but Giselle seems to be a natural.

| aespa/YouTube

And that’s not all—fans were also shocked by Giselle’s multilingualism. The main rapper is Japanese and was raised there up until she graduated from an international school in Tokyo. Yet in her rap, she spoke Korean flawlessly. It’s not yet known whether Giselle is half-Korean or studied the language before moving to Seoul, but the way she transitioned seamlessly between Korean, Japanese, and English in her rap is certainly a marvel.

| aespa/YouTube

Last but not least, she already has those powerful stage expressions down perfectly!

| aespa/YouTube

Unsurprisingly, fans were filled with praise for Giselle as soon as her teaser dropped.

The clip racked up almost 1 million views on Twitter in just two hours. Giselle’s name also peaked at #10 on Twitter’s worldwide trends and made the list in the Philippines, Malaysia, Mexico, Canada, and more.

Some also believe that Giselle may have written the rap herself based on the video’s description, though this is yet to be confirmed.

Watch the rap teaser for yourself on YouTube here:


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