Here’s Why Ahn Bo Hyun Thinks His “My Name” Character Is So Important To Han So Hee’s Revenge Storyline

His theory makes sense!

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Although Ahn Bo Hyun‘s character in My Name, Jeon Pildo, met a tragic end, the actor believes his character’s death will make the K-Drama’s revenge storyline even more powerful.

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During a recent online interview, Ahn Bo Hyun acknowledged that fans were upset by his character’s death in the final episode of My Name. He said, “I know the fans are sad about the death of Pildo.” 

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Although he knew fans didn’t like that his character died, Ahn Bo Hyun believed that Pildo had to die to give Yoon Ji Woo/Oh Hye Jin (Han So Hee) the final push she needed to take revenge on her father’s killer, Choi Mu Jin (Park Hee Soon).

In the K-Drama, Mu Jin convinced Ji Woo to become a cop, so she could find her father’s killer and avenge her father. He convinced her that her dad was killed by a cop, but he was the true killer all along.

Mu Jin also killed Pildo, a fellow cop and Ji Woo’s partner, shortly after Pildo and Ji Woo were intimate with each other. In another interview, Ahn Bo Hyun explained that the intimate scene helped Ji Woo to transform “from a monster” and become a less angry person.

While the intimate scene was a nice change of pace, the main focus of My Name is revenge, so it was important to push Ji Woo toward becoming a monster again. According to Ahn Bo Hyun, his character’s death was just the push she needed.

Ahn Bo Hyun said, “I think that this was necessary to turn Ji-woo into a ‘monster’ and make the storyline stronger for her final revenge.” Ultimately, he was right. Ji Woo succeeded in becoming a monster and taking her revenge on Mu Jin.

Although his character died, Ahn Bo Hyun said he’d love to be in season 2 if My Name is renewed for a second season. He joked, “Because Pil-do dies in the first season, I told my director that I could star in ‘My Name Season 2’ as a secret brother of Pil-do with my hair shaved.”


Source: Korea Herald
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