Here’s How ARMY Is Celebrating J-Hope’s Birthday

ARMYs spared no expense this year.

The birthdays of BTS‘s members are always special occasions. ARMYs prepare for months in advance to make the day truly special for BTS. Today is J-Hope‘s birthday and ARMY really has spared no expense this year

First of all, ARMY rented out a billboard in Times Square to let New York and the world know about J-Hope’s birthday.

Another billboard is even more extravagant than the above one.

Twitter has been buzzing about J-Hope’s birthday as four different hashtags about the event ended up being in the top five worldwide trends. ‘Hoseok’ and ‘Jung Hoseok’ also made the top ten.

At midnight in Korea, J-Hope hosted a stream to celebrate his birthday with ARMY. The rest of BTS stormed in to wish J-Hope a happy birthday and gift him with a cake. This stream is now the most viewed solo member stream on the platform.

As is tradition, ARMYs are using the birthdays of BTS to donate to good causes which is very admirable.

It’s fantastic to see all ARMYs coming together to celebrate J-Hope while improving the world at the same time.