Here’s BLACKPINK Lisa’s Secret To Making Her Intense Choreo Look Effortless

Easier said than done!

BLACKPINK‘s Lisa is well known for her powerful performances and stage presence. She can make even the toughest choreography look like a walk in the park — but the secret behind it is actually pretty simple!

Lisa from BLACKPINK. | Lilifilm Official/YouTube 

In Lisa’s first exclusive Thai interview with Woody, he asked her how she manages to look so “composed” all the time, especially when doing such intense choreography! Woody demonstrated with BLACKPINK’s hit single “Kill This Love” and explained that he gets out of breath whenever doing the killing part.

Woody and Lisa. | WOODY/YouTube 

But when Lisa performs, she always looks so perfect! Woody asked Lisa how she manages to do so — and her answer made him crack up.

Woody: How do you control your breathing and keep so composed?

Lisa: You have to pretend… Keep pretending that, “I’m fine! I’m totally fine! Not tired at all.” Pretend! We have to keep focused.

| WOODY/YouTube 

It’s hard to believe that even a performance queen like Lisa is just pretending to be not tired, but it just goes to show how professional she is! Holding your composure while exhausted is definitely easier said than done, but Lisa makes it look like a piece of cake.

| Lilifilm Official/YouTube 

Check out the full interview below!

Source: WOODY and Lilifilm Official