This Is How THE BOYZ’s Eric Became Friends With GOT7’s Mark

Here’s the quick back story!

In another episode of K-POP DAEBAK with Eric Nam, Eric of THE BOYZ reveals the story of how he became close with GOT7’s Mark.

When Eric Nam asked who was the most likely to become a friend with strangers, Jacob and Kevin pointed at Eric right away.

In terms of an unexpected friendship…

…it would have to be his friend’s dad!

He ended up being so close to his friend’s dad that they would go out together without the friend! He even remembered the dad’s name (Jeff) but forgot his friend’s name.

He revealed that his eager personality was how he became friends with GOT7’s Mark.

He remembers going to a music broadcast and greeting the senior idols.

When they got to GOT7’s room he just yelled out, “Mark sunbae-nim, I’m also from L.A.”

And that’s how they ended up exchanging numbers and being friends!

So I guess one way to become close with a K-Pop idol is to just eagerly greet them like Eric did!

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