Here’s How BTS Jimin Reacted When He Saw A Fan In The Audience Faint

It showed his true character.

According to concertgoers, a fan who was in the standing area at BTS’ concert in Chicago on October 3rd had apparently fainted during the ending song. Shortly after the fan lost consciousness, bodyguards took notice and requested help from the medical staff.


In videos taken by fans, Jimin can be seen halting his performance and watching over the fan with concern.


As he kept watch in a squatting position, he only returned to his performance when he received an “okay” sign from the staff members indicating that the fan was okay.


After seeing the video, fans couldn’t get over how caring Jimin was. Not only is his appearance beautiful, but it also seems apparent that his heart is just as beautiful as well!

  • “Jimin’s love for his fans is so cute and amazing~”
  • “Jimini is such a kind, loving and caring person”
  • “Jimin is so cute”
  • “I can’t believe he noticed that fan in the audience during a performance. He can see all of that? He’s such a pro!”
  • “When seeing that they still act like that after 5 years, I can tell that not only were they lucky, but their skills and characters are what brought them to that huge New York stadium.”
  • “Everyone loves BTS because their characters are like this…Those who are meant to succeed are different…Their attitude never changes. I hope they never lose their humbleness and continue being loving and caring…”


Source: SBS and Nate