Here’s How BTS Jungkook’s Music Taste Has Evolved Over The Years

He’s got great taste in music!

BTS Jungkook‘s music taste has evolved quite a bit over the years!

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Jungkook and the other BTS members were recently interviewed by GQ. In his individual interview, Jungkook was asked how his taste in music has evolved since he started training to become a K-Pop idol as a teenager to now as a grown man.

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Back then, Jungkook listened to whatever was playing in the practice rooms. Now, however, he listens to music that’s similar to what he would like to make. He said, “I remember singing along to the songs playing in the dance rooms as I hung out and practiced b-boying. Nowadays, I listen to the kind of music I want to make, the kind I consider to be good from the moment I first listen to it.”

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As he’s gotten older and started actively seeking out music to listen to, Jungkook’s definition of good music has also changed. While he can recognize good music from the first moment he listens to it, his idea of good music depends on his mood. He explained his definition of good music to GQ by saying, “It really depends on my situation and mood, but say I feel down. Then I’m the type to listen to sad music and wallow in my sadness.”

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Jungkook turns listening to music into a whole experience and listens to music that matches and amplifies whatever mood he’s in. He said, “I would play sad music and embrace the sadness. And when I’m in the car at night, I like listening to calm music, and in the daytime, fun music.” Clearly, he knows how to use music to create a vibe!

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Jungkook said he listens to a mix of old songs and new songs. He said, “Sometimes, I’ll seek out what’s trendy and other times, what’s old.” He also has been surprised many times by how great songs he’d written off as “so-so” turned out to be. He said this is part of the reason why he likes to listen to music “at random.” 

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Jungkook has shared a few glimpses of his music taste with ARMY over the years, and his tastes truly vary as much as he said. He’s recommended tons of artists across all genres, and ARMYs everywhere have been thrilled to find out what Jungkook was in his personal playlists!


Source: GQ