Here’s Why BTS Jungkook’s Hand Wasn’t Shown During Both The MMA And MAMA Performances

People believe that it is because of his hand tattoos.

Fans are curious as to why BTS Jungkook’s hand wasn’t zoomed in on at the 2019 MMA and MAMA performances. Fans speculate that this could be because of his hand tattoos. With Korea being a conservative culture, fans believe that they did not show this part to avoid making viewer’s uncomfortable. This is quite unfortunate because the ending scene for “Boy with Luv” is an important part for the group and ARMYs as Jungkook is the only one to do the ‘I love you’ hand sign at the end.

Amazing fan drawing of Jungkook’s actual hand tattoos. // Image credit: @k_stuffy


Orginally, Jungkook’s hand is zoomed in at the end of the performance.


But they zoomed in on a different members’ hand during this year’s performances.



Reporter David Kim contacted his friend who is a music producer for their thoughts on this situation.




The producer states that because Korea is a very conservative organization, they are usually bound to comply with the guidelines, even if it is not anything illegal.




When asked about the reasoning behind not zooming in on Jungkook’s hand, the producer gave two possible reasons.




One reason is that because the camera producer is in charge of the angles, he may have thought it was best to show a different members’ hand rather than Jungkook’s.




A second reason is that if the agency felt that it was a sensitive issue, they might have chosen the angles beforehand on how they wanted it to appear on the show.



What are your thoughts on this situation and Korea’s views towards tattoos?




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