Here’s Why BTS’s V Is Such A Great Songwriter, According To Producers Pdogg And Hiss Noise

We 100% agree!

Without a doubt, BTS‘s V is an incredible songwriter!

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While we all know that V is a great songwriter, producers Pdogg and Hiss Noise have unique insights into V’s songwriting process because they’ve created music with him.

Pdogg | The Korea Herald
Hiss Noise | @hissnoise/Instagram

In an interview with Weverse Magazine, both Pdogg and Hiss Noise explained why V is such a great songwriter and offered fans a look inside V’s songwriting process. Pdogg revealed that V has truly found his own sound, and he’s very clear on the emotions he wants each song to convey.

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Pdogg explained that he first realized that V had developed his own sound when V showed him a draft of “4 O’Clock.” Pdogg said, “I thought, ‘Aha, this guy’s found his own sound.’” Over time, V continued developing his own sound, and he had a major turning point while he was writing “Scenery.” Pdogg said, “That’s when V started giving his opinions on the mixing. Evidently, he reviews the music carefully and he’s become clear about the direction and emotion he envisions.”

| @pdogg428/Instagram

Hiss Noise worked on “Winter Bear” and “Sweet Night” with V, and he echoed Pdogg’s sentiments. He said, “I think your thoughts about the music have to be clear if you’re going to get good music. I think that’s why V is able to make good music, in that respect—because he has a good idea what kind of music he wants to do.”



Source: Weverse Magazine


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