Here’s What The Butterfly In NCT 127’s “Favorite (Vampire)” Music Video Symbolizes, According To Doyoung

His theory makes sense!

NCT 127 recently dropped the video for “Favorite (Vampire),” and it’s a total masterpiece!

NCT 127’s “Favorite (Vampire)” music video | SMTOWN/YouTube

Throughout the video, a butterfly was shown. It appeared in the opening scene when the members were sleeping, and it flew into Taeyong‘s mouth right before the song began.

The butterfly was also shown in Jungwoo‘s heart.

The butterfly reappeared with lots of its butterfly buddies while Jungwoo and Doyoung were standing together on a cliff.

It appeared again during the song’s bridge in between Haechan and Johnny‘s lines.

Since the butterfly appeared so often in the video, some NCTzens wondered what it meant. Thankfully, Doyoung has the answer!

NCT 127’s Doyoung | @do0_nct/Instagram

In NCT 127’s reaction to the “Favorite (Vampire)” video, Taeyong asked what the butterfly symbolized.

| NCT 127/YouTube

Doyoung explained that the butterfly served as a medium that brought the members’ dreams together. Thanks to the butterfly, they all collectively dreamt that they were vampires.

Doyoung’s explanation makes total sense!

Check out NCT 127’s reaction to “Favorite (Vampire)” below.