Here’s What The Cast Of Upcoming K-Drama “Big Mouth” Had To Say About Working With Girls’ Generation’s YoonA

“I felt like I couldn’t act because I kept staring at her face…”

MBC‘s new blockbuster drama Big Mouth is coming.

Lee Jong Suk (left) and Yoona (right) | MBC

On July 29, the cast of the upcoming drama spoke to the press. On this day, actors Lee Jong Suk, Yoona (also known as Im Yoon Ah), Kim Joo Hyun, Ok Ja Hyun, and Yang Kyung Won, and director Oh Choong Hwan were in attendance.

Poster for Big Mouth from top: Lee Jong Suk, Yoona, Kim Joo Han, Ok Ja Hyun, and Yang Kyung Won | MBC

The cast spoke on the upcoming drama and was then asked what it was like working with Yoona, who plays a nurse named Ko Miho.

Actress Ok Ja Hyun, who plays Hyun Joo Hee, stated the hardest part about working with Yoona was getting over her beauty.

I first saw Yoona during a table reading. She was so pretty I didn’t know how I would act with her. I felt like I couldn’t act because I kept staring at her face. However, when we were on set, Yoona had transformed into Miho, bringing the character to life.

— Ok Ja Hyun

Yang Kyung Won, who plays Gong Ji Hoon in the drama, also heaped praise on the actress.

Yoona’s acting is sincere and truthful. When I first met her as an actor, I felt the sincerity in her acting. She is a student of the craft and is an ambitious actor. I would also like to thank her for always bringing a bright energy to the set.

— Yang Kyung Won

MBC’s new drama arrives on July 29. The drama is about a lawyer who barely makes ends meet and finds himself entangled in a murder case. The drama has been gaining anticipation as viewers are excited to see Yoona act again.

Yoona has time and time again proved herself as an actor. The idol has received praise for her acting in 2019’s sleeper hit movie Exit, and her brilliant comedic acting in the 2016 blockbuster hit Confidential Assignment. As the actor has built an impressive filmography, audiences are anticipating the actor’s performance in the upcoming drama.

Yoona will also be making her long-anticipated return as K-Pop royalty with the August comeback of her legendary girl group Girls’ Generation. The comeback will be the group’s first in five years, with the release of their new album Forever 1 on August 8.

It seems 2022 is Yoona’s year! Excited about the new drama? Make sure you check out its trailer below!


Source: Wikitree