BIGHIT MUSIC Announces The Full Schedule Of Activities For ARMYs In Las Vegas During BTS’s “PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE” Shows

It is the true “Borahaefication” of Las Vegas!

In February, it was confirmed that BTS would be returning to America for their PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE shows.

After successful concerts in Los Angeles, California and Seoul, American ARMYs were excited AF when it was announced the group would be holding four in-person concerts in Las Vegas, Nevada, in April at Allegiant Stadium.

The members of BTS in the poster for the Las Vegas shows | BIGHIT MUSIC

Since the shows were first announced, ARMYs have been treated to so many posts from the group. It has only added adding to the excitement for the show. In particular, the “Borahaefication” of Las Vegas was announced ahead of the PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE shows.

In particular, BIGHIT MUSIC shared that there would be BTS-themed attractions, entertainment, and food options across the city…

| @bts.bighitofficial/ Instagram

Well, it seems like more details for all those exciting activities have been revealed in a new post on the group’s Twitter page, linking to a full itinerary of things that would be happening in Vegas.

Although there were a few things that fans knew all about, including the official merchandise booth, various MGM hotels having BTS-themed rooms (which do include photocards and keepsakes)…

And Mandalay Bay released a first look at the dishes to be served for CAFÉ IN THE CITY, specifically located at Noodle Shop and Seabreeze Cafe at the MGM resort. All dishes are curated by Michelin star Chef Back Sung Ook (also known as Akira Back).

| @MandalayBay/Twitter
| @MandalayBay/Twitter

Well, it seems like that’s only the start of what ARMYs can enjoy in Las Vegas. When looking at the full list of things to do on Weverse, those lucky enough to go to Vegas during this time will not be stuck for things to do.

In particular, for those over 21-years-old, the party doesn’t have to finish when the actual shows do. After each show, the JEWEL Nightclub at the Aria Resort is holding after-parties for ARMYs to continue their fun and keep the adrenaline going.


The after-party might not be for everyone, but BTS always ensures that everyone can have an amazing time. BIGHIT MUSIC also revealed a special event called “BEHIND THE STAGE: PERMISSION TO DANCE.”

Like the previous event, reservations need to be made, but it looks like a special event that can’t be missed.

The event is an intimate photography exhibition that takes you behind the scenes of an entire concert experience. See the band up, close and personal as they give you a glimpse into their process. Feel the energy of being in the crown and share exclusive moments as they prepare, perform, and play.

| Weverse

The final event that gained the attention of fans is a Magnificent Water Show with BTS Music” to be held at the famous Bellagio Hotel Fountain. According to Korean sources, the fountain will begin on April 7 and create a spectacular show with water streams set to BTS’s music and colorful lights. On the weekends of BTS’s concerts, it can be seen every hour.

For many, this is huge because of just how prestigious and well-known the fountains are worldwide, especially for their magnificent shows.

Bellagio Fountains | Bellagio Hotel

Looking at the full line-up of things to do, it definitely seems like Las Vegas is embracing BTS and turning the city purple for the special event.

| @bts_bighit/ Twitter

Yet, it shouldn’t be too surprising as HYBE and BIGHIT have fulfilled their promises. Back in 2020, HYBE’s Lenzo Yoon explained that they wanted to change the experience of concertgoers in the future, adding that they would be implementing everything from BTS-themed hotels to BTS exhibitions and planned sight-seeing and cuisine tours for fans.

As the countdown to the shows continues and the members have started to make their way to Vegas, ARMYs rightly cannot contain their excitement. BTS has once again proved how much they love ARMYs creating a whole experience for them, not just the concert.

You can read more about the “Borahaefication” of Las Vegas below.

BIGHIT MUSIC Announces The “Borahaefication” Of Las Vegas Ahead Of BTS’s “PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE” Shows

Source: Weverse and Naver