Here’s Everything We Know About aespa’s Giselle—The 4th Member Of SM’s New Girl Group

Rumor has it that she’s the final member of aespa.

The fourth—and possibly final—member of SM Entertainment‘s new girl group has been revealed! Here’s everything we know about aespa‘s Giselle.

With her luscious brown hair, wide eyes, and sharp facial features, Giselle is simply dazzling.

| SM Entertainment

Fans are already saying her visuals look like a mix of f(x)‘s Krystal

… and Girls’ Generation‘s Yuri.

Like the rest of her members, Giselle is pictured in a fantasy world with mystical purple and pink vibes. The electronic, light-up flowers and trees are now thought to be represent aespa’s unique virtual avatar world concept.

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So, what do we already know about her? Giselle is either Japanese or Korean-Japanese, making her the second international member of aespa alongside Chinese Ningning. She studied at an international school in Japan, and is therefore believed to be fluent in English as well as Japanese and Korean.

Pre-debut Giselle

Giselle (whose real name is Aeri Uchinaga) was born in 2001, making her around 19 years old and part of the group’s “unnie line”. She was an alto in a choir for four years and is said to have amazing vocal skills.

Pre-debut Giselle in her choir.

However, she also reportedly raps, so she could be part of both the rap and vocal lines in aespa.

Pre-debut Giselle

But what’s most impressive about Giselle is her short training period. According to reports, she joined SM Entertainment less than a year ago. While It’s said that she did train independently before joining the company, debuting so soon after becoming a trainee is definitely a marvel.

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Like Winter and Karina, Giselle wasn’t introduced under the SM Rookies predebut program. So, not much else is known about her hobbies and likes yet other than that she plays the guitar and is a fan of both BLACKPINK and GOT7.

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Now Giselle has been introduced, aespa has four official members—the same number shown in a recent SM Entertainment press conference. It’s currently believed that aespa will be a four-member group, making Giselle’s individual teasers the last, but rumors have also surfaced regarding the possibility of seven members. So, stay tuned for more updates on aespa’s lineup, concept, and more.