Here’s Everything We Know About EXO’s “Love Shot” Comeback, Including Spoilers From The Members

Kings of spoiling EXO-L’s.

EXO-L’s are certainly excited for their upcoming repackage album, but they weren’t very surprised about the title — thanks to all the spoilers EXO gave them.


SM Entertainment has released some key details about the upcoming release.

There will be a Korean and Chinese version released of the track “Love Shot” plus two new songs “Trauma” and “Wait”.

The title song “Love Shot” is a striking pop dance song with an 808 bass and an addicting chorus. EXO members Chen and Chanyeol participated in the lyrics for the track as well!

The lyrics express the feelings of someone who hopes to find the meaning of true love that is slowly being forgotten in a desolate world and stay together.


The physical album will have two versions — a black cover called Love Ver. and the white cover featuring EXO will be called Shot Ver.


EXO-L realized that there might be a “mafia” theme with this new comeback, thanks to all the games of Mafia that EXO played on VLive — just days after the “Tempo” comeback.


SM Entertainment also released an MV teaser this morning as well, showing off a dangerous concept filled with robbers, roses, and guns — proving EXO-L right.


The teaser didn’t reveal any of the lyrics, but not to worry, because Kai spoiled some of the “addicting chorus” already.

During his live show on Instagram, he could be heard singing something like “It’s a love shot…” followed by a gasp from their manager. To this Kai replied, “they won’t know anyway!” — but nothing can get past EXO-L’s radar.


Later on in the live, you can hear Kai singing “I feel like I can’t breathe, oh oh oh” with his manager laughing exasperatedly at him.


As well, during Suho’s first ever Instagram live last night Chanyeol played a few seconds of the title track. Since fans didn’t know that Suho had made an Instagram, there were only a short number of fans watching then…but the Instagram live has been archived on Suho’s page — where he has over 1 million followers already.


It seems that EXO is very excited to share their new song and concept with EXO-L! Hold tight boys, December 13 will be here before you know it.