(★UPDATE) Here’s Everything We Know About Oh Yeon Seo And Kim Bum’s Relationship So Far

Fans grow more curious about this relatively new Korean celeb couple!

Actor Kim Bum and actress Oh Yeon Seo met at a friends’ gathering in March of 2018, after the finalé of the TV series A Korean Odyssey. The two celebs admitted their romantic relationship as soon as the scandal broke.


Close associates of both parties shared that Kim Bum and Oh Yeon Seo grew interested in each other very quickly, as the two had a lot in common.

“I only found out recently that the two were in a relationship. I heard that the became close very quickly because they had many things in common and really understood each other.” ㅡ Associate of Kim Bum

“Oh Yeon Seo is well known among the people around her for being lovely but I think she became twice as lovely since meeting Kim Bum.” ㅡ Associate of Oh Yeon Seo


The pair was spotted at a restaurant in Cheongdam-dong, Seoul where the couple enjoyed a date disguised as a hangout with a few other acquaintances.


Only a month into the relationship, in April 2018, Kim Bum had to take off for a month of army training for his upcoming military duty as a public service worker. Four weeks later, in May 2018, Kim Bum uploaded pictures from his High Cut magazine photo shoot, hinting that he has successfully completed and returned from the training.

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Oh Yeon Seo has been keeping herself busy since her boyfriend’s hiatus from the relationship. While he was gone, the actress travelled in the United States, keeping her fans updated with pictures on her Instagram account. Recently, she celebrated her debut anniversary and birthday by going to see her fans’ birthday ad surprise.

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While the two do not mention each other or publicly share pictures taken together, fans assume Kim Bum and Oh Yeon Seo remain involved. As the relationship is barely three months old, fans believe the two stars are still very cautious. Nevertheless, everyone looks forward to the couple slowly opening up to the public about each other!

Source: Chosun News