Here’s Everything That Went Down on the Finale of “Show Me The Money 777”

Find out what went down on the finale of this legendary “Show Me The Money” season.

If you missed the live finale of Show Me the Money 777 or you can’t wait for English subtitles to come out, let’s catch you up on everything that went down.


The three finalists left in the game was Team Code Kunst and Paloalto‘s Kid Milli and Loopy plus Team Giriboy and Swing‘s Nafla.

This was the first time in Show Me The Money history that two people from the same producer team made it to the finale!


Determined by 50% of live text votes and 50% of the studio audience vote, the rappers were fight to win 200 million won (approximately ($175,000 USD).


The episode started with a throwback to each finalist’s interviews from before the season started, followed by each finalist re-performing their 2nd round auditions.


Then, the three were shown getting beautified at a salon in preparation for a fan meeting event at the Adidas store in Seoul, hosted by Dindin.

The attendees voted on who performed the best, which helped decide the order of the finale performances!

The results of the fanmeeting had Loopy finishing 3rd, Kid Milli in 2nd, and Nafla in 1st.


Kid Milli went first with his track “Boss Thang”, featuring Indigo lablemate & High School Rapper grand winner, Young B.

Before performing, he shared his difficult experiences with losing family and had an open talk about wanting to make his mom proud.


Loopy met with his older sister and brother-in-law who flew in from L.A. to cheer him on the final.

They talked about how he hasn’t been in touch with his parents for awhile because of his insistence on doing music, but his sister let him know his parents have been watching the show and listening to his songs.


Then, he went on to perform the dreamy “Robot Love” featuring Code Kunst.


Nafla met up with two rappers he and Loopy had made music with for a long time, BLOO and Nianh. Pretending to show him a video of his 2nd round audition, the clip suddenly cut to a video message from his mom telling him she didn’t want to cut into his practice time so she decided to cheer him on in US.


nafla went last for the 1st round and performed “Buckle” featuring Zico.


Voting for the first round closed, and a special performance from Mad Clown‘s issue-making alter ego, Mommy Son followed.


The second round started with a VCR of Code Kunst and Paloalto talking about what kind of rapper and person Kid Milli.


Kid Milli went on to perform “Goals” featuring Paloalto and AOMG artist, Hoody.


Before Loopy’s second round performance, Loopy and Code Kunst were shown having and meal and talking about how though no one expected Loopy to be a finalist, he beat those expectations and came to the finale.

Loopy then showed off his new track “V” featuring AOMG rapper Loco, who messed up his lyrics during the performance and wrote apologized to Loopy afterwards on his Instagram.


Giriboy and Swings talked about Nafla’s incredible work ethic. Although many people said he seemed to be born with the talent to make music and perform, Nafla revealed he simply practiced so hard that people thought it was just god-given talent.

Last but not least, Nafla performed “Pick Up Man” with his producers Giriboy and Swings.


The second voting came to an end, and fans were surprised with another special stage from this season’s best rookies EK, ODEE, Zene The Zilla, and Coogie. 


Following the special stages came the announcement of the final voting results. With 56,440,000 KRW of “fight money”, Kid Milli was announced as the 2nd runner up or 3rd place winner of Show Me The Money 777.


This left Loopy and Nafla, close friends and MK IT RAIN lablemates as the two finalists.


Nafla was crowned the winner of Show Me The Money 777, winning all 200 million KRW and a new car.

“First of all, I would like to dedicate this honour to my friend Alex watching me in heaven. While participating in Show Me The Money, Giriboi hyung, Swing hyung and myself worked so hard. Especially Girihyung and I made so many songs together — you’ve worked hard, we worked hard.”

At the mention of his name, producer Giriboy broke down into tears.


Finally, Nafla left a message to his mother, who was probably watching live in the U.S.

“Mom, I finally achevived something. When I shine even more, when I’m even cooler, I will invite you for sure so let’s see each other then.”


Congratulations to Nafla and Team Swings & Giriboy for their big win!