Here’s How Fan’s Are Preparing For BTS’s Comeback

Who’s ready for this comeback?

With news of BTS‘s comeback, fans are preparing for their return in a myriad of ways. From searching for reasons and theories behind the comeback map, to educating ARMYs on how to stream and listen to upcoming music videos, to just being totally confused at the whole movement, it’s quite obvious that fans are ecstatic that they are coming back.






ARMYs are helping newer fans on how to properly stream BTS’s music depending on the platform (YouTube, Spotify, computer, etc).










As well as a helpful guide as to where to purchase albums in order to count for the Hanteo and Gaon charts.



Fans have come together to start trending hashtags starting on January 10 to celebrate the release of the Comeback Trailer: SHADOW. It will drop at 12 AM KST.






Fans know that anything and everything BTS releases has some kind of meaning behind it. From the release of the comeback map, phrases such as “Kinetic Manifesto Film” and “Coma Prima” appear, sending fans in a frenzy trying to figure out what everything means.



















Fans found that the release date for BTS’s new album is also International Mother Language Day.





Some also remembered that looking back on previous albums can help in solving the mystery for new ones.






Outright Confusion

Even with all these theories and posts about the comeback, it’s no lie that ARMYs are still shook.




Either way, we all know that this comeback is going to blow away everything fans have been theorizing about.




Who’s ready for the next BTS movement?