Introducing FNC Entertainment’s New Girl Group, Including Produce 48’s Park Haeyoon

Here’s everything we know about AOA’s younger sisters!

It’s been 6 years since FNC Entertainment debuted AOA, and now they have officially announced the upcoming debut of their next girl group Cherry Bullet.

“Cherry Bullet” means that the group will be lovely like cherries, and will shoot the public’s heart with their energetic charms!

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They released the members’ identities through social media starting on November 20. Are you ready to meet the girls of Cherry Bullet?



1. Jiwon


Jiwon was born in 2000, and also was a model for SMART Uniform — proving her stunning visuals.



2. May


May was born in 2003, and is part of the maknae line. She is from Japan and was spotted performing at KCON Japan in 2017!


3. Yuju


Yuju is the oldest of the group, born in 1997! She was also a commercial model for uniform brand SMART Uniforms.



4. Haeyoon


Haeyoon finished at 19th on Produce 48, and was well-known throughout the competition for her main vocal-worthy singing skills and her motherly leadership skills as well!


5. Linlin


Linlin hails from Taiwan! Fans have identified that she was born in 2003, and is part of the maknae line with Chaerin and May.

6. Chaerin


Chaerin is rumoured to be one of the youngest members along with May and Linlin, born in 2002.

Videos of her dancing pre-debut have fans excited for her dance skills!

7. Mirae


Several pre-debut videos of Mirae (under her real name Kim Kyungjoo) are going around, proving her exceptional vocal talent. 1998 line

8. Kokoro


Born in 2000, Cherry Bullet member Kokoro is also from Japan!

She was part of a dance cover crew in Japan, and fans can’t wait to see her slay as part of Cherry Bullet.

9. Remi


Remi is the final Japanese member of Cherry Bullet. Not much is known about her pre-debut activities yet, but fans have already begun to stan.

10. Bora



Bora also acted in KBS2 drama Lingerie Girls and in web video platform Dingo Story‘s web drama with labelmates SF9.

The ’99-liner also acted in BTS‘s LOVE YOURSELF Highlight Reel with V!

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