Here’s Why Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon Feels “Sorry” For Younger K-Pop Idols

“I feel sorry for my hoobaes…”

Girls’ Generation‘s Taeyeon recently revealed that she feels sorry for younger generations of K-Pop idols.

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During the press conference for her third solo album INVU, a reporter mentioned that Taeyeon is a role model for many younger K-Pop stars. Taeyeon said, “I’m certainly very happy and thankful about being a role model for a lot of them, but I do feel a little pressured by that.”

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During the press conference, Taeyeon was asked if she had any advice for younger K-Pop idols since so many of them look up to her. Taeyeon answered, “I think it’s important for K-pop stars to know what they exactly want to express through their music and performance. I hope they seize the opportunities like that.”

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Taeyeon also acknowledged how competitive the K-Pop industry has become with trainees vying for spots in groups and groups competing against each other for music show wins, awards, and opportunities to showcase their talents and win over new fans. She said the industry has become “too competitive” and that she hopes that her hoobaes (industry juniors) don’t get hurt too much while being active in the industry.

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Taeyeon said, “I feel sorry for them. These days, I feel like the K-pop industry has become too competitive. I feel sorry for my hoobaes who had to survive in that sort of environment. I hope they don’t get hurt along their journey.” 

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We’re sure the idols who look up to Taeyeon will take her advice to heart and be comforted by her sympathetic words.

Source: SBS Star

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