Here’s The Hidden Meaning Of TWICE Jihyo’s OST “Stardust Love Song,” According To Producer Yoon Young Jun

“Stardust Love Song” is so meaningful!

TWICE‘s Jihyo finally released her first OST for the K-Drama Twenty Five Twenty One, and we can’t get enough of the song!

TWICE’s Jihyo | @twicetagram/Instagram

Jihyo’s OST, “Stardust Love Song,” features beautiful lyrics that relate to the K-Drama’s plot. In Twenty Five Twenty One, Na Hee Do (Kim Tae Ri), a teenage fencer with tons of ambition meets  Baek Yi Jin, (Nam Joo Hyuk) a chaebol heir who is trying to rebuild his life.

 Twenty Five Twenty One poster | tvN

The “Stardust Love Song” lyrics are full of yearning. In the chorus of the song, Jihyo sings, “Just like stardust, we’re scattered pieces in the universe.”

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While the lyrics can definitely be related to the romance between the characters, they also speak to the characters’ struggles as they fight for their dreams.

As someone who trained for 10 years and spent most of her childhood as a trainee, Jihyo can definitely relate to the feeling of a faraway dream that she sings about in “Stardust Love Song.”

TWICE’s Jihyo | @twicetagram/Instagram

In a tweet, Yoon Young Jun, the producer of “Stardust Love Song,” alluded to the struggles Jihyo faced during her time as a trainee at JYP Entertainment. Although we all know Jihyo as a superstar TWICE member, he has known her since she was a trainee.

Jihyo and Yoon Young Jun | @junemujik/Twitter

In his tweet, Yoon Young Jun revealed that he told Jihyo to sing “Stardust Love Song” as if she were speaking to her younger self.

She’s World Star Jihyo now, but I know the truth of the hard time she had enduring her long pre-debut trainee days, I asked her to sing this song thinking she was singing it to herself from back then. Thank you for singing with all your heart even though you were busy preparing for the tour.

— Yoon Young Jun

While Jihyo always expresses the emotions of a song beautifully, “Stardust Love Song” is full of raw emotions that instantly pull listeners in. Perhaps Yoon Young Jun’s suggestion that Jihyo sings to her younger self helped her to draw the emotions of the song out even further.

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Yoon Young Jun’s tweet proves that “Stardust Love Song” is just as much about chasing one’s dreams as it is about falling in love. We’re glad Jihyo was able to record such a meaningful, thoughtful song as her first OST!

Check out the “Stardust Love Song” video below.