Here’s How Many People Are Voting For Chinese Reality Program, “Idol Producer”

It’s 5 times the population of South Korea!

Often compared to Mnet‘s Produce 101, iQiyi‘s Idol Producer has become a huge hit in China, just like how Produce 101 did in Korea.


In its first hour of broadcast alone, Idol Producer garnered over 100 million views.


You may recognize some of the contestants from the show. Justin was on season 2 of Produce 101 as a trainee from YueHua Entertainment.


Zhu Zengting was also a contestant on Produce 101. Also from Yuehua Entertainment, he was better known as Jung Jung.


Former 24K member Hui is currently competing by his full name, Liang Hui.


Qin Fen is another familiar face. Formerly from the group The Legend, he was also known as Roi.


Yu Bin was in a vocal group produced by Cube Entertainment called M4M. Back then, he used to go by Bin.


Fan Chengcheng isn’t necessarily a familiar face, but his sister is. He is the brother of famous Chinese actress, Fan Bingbing.


With all of these familiar faces part of the trainee lineup, Idol Producer fans cast a total of 255,317,433 votes for just the second round of voting.

Just to compare, the entire population of South Korea is currently 51,164,435.


Many of the coaches from the show are some of our favorite K-Pop Idols. The main producer is EXO‘s Lay. GOT7‘s Jackson is one of the rap instructors, and the dance instructors are PRISTIN‘s Kyulkyung and Cosmic GirlsCheng Xiao.


Despite all of the connections with K-Pop and the similarities with Produce 101, the show is not actually a licensed replica. Mnet released an official statement last year, clarifying their stance on the show.

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Source: Asia One, Taipei Times and Bada