Here’s How ITZY Maintain Their Mental And Physical Health During Busy Schedules

It basically comes down to two essential things!

ITZY recently released their first full-length album, Crazy In Love, and sat down with Lai Frances at NME to talk about the experience!

Lai Frances with Chaeryeong, Lia, Ryujin, Yeji, and Yuna. | NME/YouTube 

When asked about how they maintain their health even while working back-to-back schedules, ITZY boiled it down to two things: relaxation and good food.

Lai: How do you guys stay mentally healthy throughout everything?

Yeji: For me, when we are together, I want to stay positive and to be so — I need my own time, just stay alone, and think about myself.

Lia: That’s important.

| NME/YouTube 

Chaeryeong added on, “In our dorm,” making the other members laugh. Yuna said, “With Chaeryeong,” and we agree that her presence is totally healing!

| NME/YouTube 

Lai mentioned that they must focus on eating a lot when they’re working so hard, and the group confirmed that they definitely do that!

Since we’re very busy… It gets tiring sometimes, right? So in the middle of schedules we try to eat something really, really nice. You know how delivery food is so amazing in Korea, right? So we always — during our schedules, we’re always thinking about what we should eat for lunch and for dinner. And that actually kind of helps us keep our mood and energy up.

— Lia

| NME/YouTube 

We’re definitely glad to see that the members work together to maintain their health, and we hope they are always healthy even while working hard as ever on promotions. Check out the full interview below!

Source: YouTube and Twitter


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