Here’s Why Japan Is Excluded From Wanna One’s World Tour

Japan has been excluded from their World Tour due to concerns of public sentiment.

Wanna One, who has recently released their second mini album “0+1=1 (I Promise U)”, has previously announced news of their world tour “Wanna One World Tour – ONE: The WORLD”.


Among the countries they listed for the tour were the United States, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Thailand, Australia, Taiwan and the Phillippines.

They will be touring a total of 13 cities in 10 countries including Seoul, South Korea.


However, the fact that Japan was not on the list has been gaining attention. This is because Wanna One is not only popular in Japan, but they also have plans for promoting in Japan as well.

They will be releasing a Japanese version of their mini album in mid-April and starting promotions thereafter. In addition, they are also participating in KCON Japan, which will be held from April 13-15.


Their decision to leave out Japan was apparently related to public sentiment. They had originally made plans with the Japanese coordinators to visit Japan on June 6. However, due to the sensitivity of the day, which is Memorial Day in Korea, they have decided to cancel the performance.

“Wanna One had originally made plans with the Japanese coordinators for a performance in Japan on June 6. However, it was eventually canceled because performing in Japan on Memorial Day could upset the Korean public in the same way as performing in Japan on National Liberation Day (August 15). As far as I know, they will continue the tour schedule as planned excluding Japan.” ㅡ Concert Coordinator


One coordinator from CJ E&M explained that Wanna One was feeling very regretful about the situation and that chances of the Japan performance being re-added in the tour schedule are very low.


However, since Wanna One will be attending KCON Japan and promoting in Japan very soon, Japanese fans will have something to look forward to as well!

Source: Sports Kyunghyang

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